Q Do you suppy background music when you take a break?
A Yes paul will aways play the appropriate music to keep the punters keen.

Q Do your shows have effect lighting?
A Yes all our shows come complete with a very small lighting display but larger displays can be provided please contact us with your requirements.

Q How long are your shows?
A They are as long as you wish but generally they consist of two 45 min spots with a break halfway

Q How much do you charge?
A Please ring for details on 07960 274788 or use our CONTACT FORM or Email direct to paulmilestribute@gmail.com

Q We are planning a wedding and need a music selection that appeals to people of all ages. Can paul do that?
A No problem. Paul carries thousands of songs in his repertoire. Paul will either meet or talk with you personally to go over your music preferences, make suggestions and help design a fun and memorable time for all.